Dear Friend of the Library,

The Sinclairville Free Library looks to you for help in its continued growth as a community center for lifelong learning for all ages. Your support is essential for the library to deliver the important services that that our community relies on. The demand for library services has increased at a much greater rate than our income has. To date, we have received only 66% of the funds needed to meet this year’s budget.

Your gifts help to strengthen the bonds the library develops within this community; by partnerships with The Wrap Park Church Childcare Program and Village Recreation groups to provide a Summer Reading Program; collaboration with the Cassadaga Valley Central School to bring groups of Elementary School students for library visits and classes of teens for poetry and other literary programs; by outreach to the residents of Gerry including those at the Homestead retirement community; by organizing community events such as the recognition of the 100th anniversary of Archie Peck’s heroism in WW1; by collaboration with the Valley Historical Society and Museum to bring students to both the museum and library to encourage interest ion our community’s local history.


Number of Registered Patrons increased by 24%

Number of Materials Circulated increased by 33%

Number of Visits to the Library increased by 75%

The Library’s operating receipts for 2018 were only 1% greater than they were in 2015

The Sinclairville Free Library is a vital part of the community, working to meet the growing needs of all those it serves.


The Sinclairville Free Library Board of Directors

Please stop by the library to drop off your donation, visit us online, or mail your contribution.

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