Craft Circle and Coloring Club
Every Monday @ 6 pm

***Craft Circle and Coloring Club meet every Monday @ 6 pm to share techniques and projects***
Join the Craft and Coloring Circle and get inspired to make something new with your hands!

Learn to recycle grocery bags into yarn and crochet or knit… Please bring plastic grocery bags and size 10 1/2 knitting needles or size N crochet hook.

Skill taught by Library Assistant, Cindy Pagano.




Reduce stress and enjoy making new friends at Coloring Club for all ages. This activity has been proven to help people relax and form supportive relationships. Colored pencils and coloring pages will be provided, or you may bring a project of your own.




Do you have a special “crafting” skill you would like to teach? Stop-in and share your skill…

Photo used under Creative Commons from Kyla Duhamel