A Book a Day… 1’000 Books Before Kindergarten

An Early Literacy Program for Birth – Pre-K 

Here’s how the program works:

  • Commit to reading 1,000 books to your child before they enter kindergarten to build necessary pre-reading skills in your child and foster a love of reading.
  • Register at the library or click here. Receive/pick up your start-up package.
  • Color or mark an apple for each book you read. You may read as many books a day as you wish and count them all. if you read the same book again, count it again.
  • Bring each completed sheet of a hundred books to the library and your child will place an apple sticker on that tree poster.
  • Your goal is to finish before your child enters kindergarten.
  • When you finish, your child will receive a ribbon and a free book.

If you read one book at bedtime each night, you will read

1, 095 books in just 3 years!

We have read 1’000 Before Kindergarten!!!

Madalynn H. Aurea K.
Ileana K. Liam S.
Carson S. Wyatt F.

Jaylee F.

Ryn W.

Kadence F.