The following titles were purchased using funding provided by the Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System Outreach Mini-Grant: Diversity Theme 2021-2022.

Adult Nonfiction:

“Beginner’s Pluck: Build Your Life of Purpose and Impact Now” by Liz Forkin Bohannon.

“Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness” by Susannah Cahalan.

“Journaling as a Spiritual Practice: Encountering God Through Attentive Writing” by Helen Cepero.

“Tarot for Change: Using the Cards for Self-Care, Acceptance, and Growth” by Jessica Dore.

“Complete Guide to Self-Care: Best Practices for a Healthier and Happier You” by Kiki Ely.

“The Genius Habit: How One Habit Can Radically Change Your Work and Your Life” by Laura Garnett.

“The Explosive Child Updated and Revised Edition: A New Approach for Understanding and Parenting Easily Frustrated, Chronically Inflexible Children” by Ross W. Greene, Ph.D.

“Scattered to Focused: Smart Strategies to Improve Your Child’s Executive Functioning Skills” by Zac Grisham.

“Stolen Focus: Why You Can’t Pay Attention – and How to Think Deeply Again” by Johann Hari.

“Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire: The Guide to Being Glorious You” by Jen Hatmaker.

“Lightly: How to Live a Simple, Serene, and Stress-free Life” by Francine Jay.

“Hallelujah Anyway: Rediscovering Mercy” by Anne Lamott.

“How to Be Well: The Everyday Actions, Reliable Rituals, and Proven Tactics of the Healthiest and Happiest People” by Frank Lipman.

“How Happiness Happens: Finding Lasting Joy in a World of Comparison, Disappointment, and Unmet Expectations” by Max Lucado.

“Healing Well and Living Free from an Abusive Relationship: From Victim to Survivor to Overcomer” by Ramona Probasco.

“The Adult ADD Solution: A 30 Day Holistic Roadmap to Overcoming ADD/ADHD” by George Sachs.

“Badass Habits: Cultivate the Awareness, Boundaries, and Daily Upgrades You Need to Make Them Stick” by Jen Sincero.

“Unstitched: My Journey to Understand Opioid Addiction and How People and Communities Can Heal” by Brett Ann Stancin.


“The Mind and the Moon: My Brother’s Story, the Science of Our Brains, and the Search of Our Psyches” by Daniel Bergner.

Children’s Board Books:

“The Color Monster: A Story About Emotions” by Ann Llenas.

“My Body” by Jill MacDonald.

Children’s Picture Books:

“Douglas, You Need Glasses!” by Ged Adamson.

“Sometimes You Fly” by Katherine Applegate.

“The World Needs More Purple People” by Kristen Bell.

“Attack of the 50-Foot Fluffy” by Mike Boldt.

“Be Brave, Little Tiger!” by Margaret Wise Brown.

“Little Unicorn Is Angry” by Aurelie Chien Chow Chine.

“Little Unicorn Is Sad” by Aurelie Chien Chow Chine.

“Little Unicorn Is Scared” by Aurelie Chien Chow Chine.

“Little Unicorn Is Shy” by Aurelie Chien Chow Chine.

“No More Monsters Under Your Bed!” by Jordan Chouteau.

“The Ring Bearer” by Floyd Cooper.

“The Big Bad Wolf in My House” by Valerie Fontaine.

“Carl and the Meaning of Life” by Deborah Freedman.

“Elephants” by Joshua George.

“Chicken Little” by Oakley Graham.

“Never Satisfied: The Story of the Stonecutter” by Dave Horowitz.

“Big Boys Cry” by Jonty Howle.

“It’s Not My Fault” by Jory John

“Hudson and Tallulah Take Sides” by Anna Kang.

“Naptastrophe!” by Jarrett J. Krosoczka.

“The Only Lonely Panda” by Jonny Lambert.

“The Cat Man of Aleppo” by Irene Latham.

“The Little Book of Big What-Ifs” by Renata Liwska.

“The Color Monster: A Story About Emotions” by Ann Llenas.

“Poppy Louise is Not Afraid of Anything” by Jenna McCarthy.

“Marigold Finds the Magic Words” by Mike Malbrough.

“Dear Girl” by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.

“Dear Boy” by Paris Rosenthal.

“You’re Missing It!” by Brad Smith.

“Raise Your Hand” by Alice Paul Tapper (Sixth Grade Girl Scout).

Junior Biography:

“Fauja Singh Keeps Going: The True Story of the Oldest Person to Ever Run a Marathon” by Simran Jeet Singh.

“Miss Todd and Her Wonderful Flying Machine” by Kristina Yee.

Junior Nonfiction:

“Fly Girls Young Readers’ Edition: How Five Daring Women Defied All Odds and Made Aviation History” by Keith O’Brien.

“Ramadan Moon” by Na’ima B. Robert.

“George Washington’s Rules to Live By: How to Sit, Stand, Smile, and Be Cool! A Good Manners Guide From the Father of Our Country” by George Washington.

Young Adult Fiction:

“Fix” by J. Albert Mann.

Young Adult Nonfiction:

“Boying Up: How to Be Brave, Bold and Brilliant” by Mayim Bialik.

“Girling Up: How to Be Strong, Smart, and Spectacular” by Mayim Bialik.

“Real Talk About Sex and Consent: What Every Teen Needs to Know” by Cheryl M. Bradshaw.


Updated  August 5, 2022