The Pilcrow Foundation supports rural public library communities through their Children’s Book Project. They ask libraries to raise one third of the funds used to purchase the new books to build community investment in children’s literacy and the library’s future. The new books provided through the Children’s Book Project become part of the library’s permanent children’s book collection, thus ensuring children’s access to quality books for years to come.

The Pilcrow Foundation, a national non-profit public charity, provides a 2-to-1 match to rural public libraries that receive a grant through its Children’s Book Project and contribute funds through local sponsors for the purchase of up to $1200 worth (at retail value) of new, quality, hardcover children’s books.

Readers help raise money by taking flat donations or by the page sponsorship.  Then spend some time at the library enjoying some quiet reading time.

Books can change the life of a child. Be a part of that change and give a child a library book today.

Thank You to Our Donors

Gloria Andrulis
Linda and Jim Bailey
Patty Barber
Tami Berg
Beth Davis
Chris Derr
Donald Dowling
Gail Dragich
Jeff Embury
Darla Frost-Kianos
Sally Jaquith
Pat Kirell
Pama Lebarron
Paul Leone
Harry Loomis
Ruth Mason 
Bill Newton
Cathy Obert
Leslie Pascoe
Pat Pihl
Erica Richerson
Nancy Schofield
Ricki Sharp
Sandy Thies
Kelly Wittenbrook
Clark and Marilyn Zlotchew

Thank You to Our Readers

Beth Hadley
Beth Loomis
Shea Richerson

List of Books Received

A Special Thank You to Hal Berenson and Laura Ackerman for their donation of 22 Math & Science Books through the Pilcrow Foundation.